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Welcome! My name is Sinnocent, I'm a Texas based cosplayer who has been attending anime conventions for the past 10 years, and making costumes for the past 15+ years. I made this site for anyone who is interested in me, my plans, and what I'm about. If you like my work, please feel free to follow me on any of the sites I'm on, or purchase merchandise from my Storenvy. Thank you so much for stopping by! ~ Sinnocent

Name: Serena
Nicknames: Sin/Sinn/Sinny
Birthday: January 5th
Height: 4'11"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Favorite Color: Purple, teal
Favorite Food: Pad thai, curry, pizza
Favorite Animal: Cats and Snakes
Favorite Anime: Hellsing, Sekirei, The Wallflower
Likes: Anime, Computers, Music, Sweets

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends,cosplaying, watching anime,
video games, making websites, playing pool, ebaying

Location: Ft Worth, Texas

Future Plans: Get my business up and going
Goal In Life: To be with those I love and have a family

Officially Cosplaying Since: 2001
Making Costumes Since: 1998
First Costume: Usagi's Junior High School Uniform
First Anime Convention: Ronin-Con
Favorite Costume: Eva from Record of Agarest War 2
Favorite Convention: AnimeFEST Dallas

Costumes I'm making for 2016
1. Kazehana from Sekirei ~ Working on now!
2. Classic Harley Quinn
3. Hestia from Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
4. Lana Kane from Archer
5. Naga from Slayers
6. Saber Dress from Fate Stay Night

Frequently Asked Questions

What got you started cosplaying?
When I was really young and first got into Sailor Moon I would watch it every morning, and quickly grew to love it. Well my grandma can sew, so I asked her if she would help me make a costume, she did, and from there started me on my costume making. But I really don't remember how I got started going to conventions and such, that happened several years after I started making costumes. I think I was searching eBay and I found a locket that said 'great for cosplay' and I didn't know what cosplay was so I looked it up and found out, and there ya go, my conventions begin, lol.

Why do you still cosplay?
Why not? It's fun and entertains me. It's also a great way to get together with your friends, or meet new friends!

Don't you think your getting too old to be cosplaying Sailor Moon?
Maybe, now that I'm in my 20's I do feel a little odd cosplaying a 13-year-old XD But considering she does age throughout the show, for most of her senshi fukus and royalty forms I guess I'm still at an ok age for it XD Might consider retiring my school uniforms and just sticking with the rest.

Why do you cosplay the other characters that you do?
It's one of two reasons. Either 1. I watched an anime/played a game and had a favorite character that I totally loved and wanted to cosplay them, or 2. My friends decided to start a cosplay group and wanted me to be in it, so they have me watch the anime, or look at pictures, and pick what character I want to do, or ask me to do a character that they think I would be good as. They have yet to suggest a character that I haven't liked =)

What kind of patterns do you use?
I don't use patterns, never have, and probably never will.

Latest Site Update

May 23rd, 2016

*Finished adding pictures to Nico Robin!
*Finished adding pictures to Seras Victoria!
*Added new pictures to Faye Valentine!
*Added new pictures to Super Sailor Moon!
*Added new pictures to Original Design Moon Dress!


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